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June 2018 Digital Tech Newsletter

Spotlight: New programs We now have a Gold Seal Data Science Certificate! The certificate is a 4-course (16-unit) program that provides training and education for those who would like to pursue a career in data science. Courses cover data development and management, machine learning and natural language processing, exploratory data analysis, statistical models, data visualization, […]

Digital Technology Instructor Interview: Kelvin McKisick

UCLAx: Please tell us about yourself and how you got to where you currently are in your career. Kelvin: My story starts with the television show Mission Impossible, which portrayed an elite group of operatives carrying out highly sensitive missions for the government. In that group was an African-American actor who played the character Barney […]

April 2018 Digital Tech Newsletter

Spotlight: Mobile Application Development Specialization The Mobile Application Development specialization is designed to help students learn strategies to overcome mobile development challenges including memory and processor limitations, network access, and battery power limitations. Students will learn to program applications for mobile devices, including Apple iPad, iPhone, and Google Android. The specialization requires a minimum of […]

March 2018 Digital Tech Newsletter

Spotlight: New Data Science Practicum This project-based Data Science Practicum provides students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience working with our industry partners. Each practicum cohort is sponsored by a company or organization. This collaboration allows students to work with partner companies/organizations to gain analytics experience and reconcile mathematical theory with business practice. Student […]

Digital Technology Instructor Interview: Ray Han

Instructor Interview This month we interviewed our instructor, Ray Han. Ray teaches a number of courses here at UCLA Extension; including Introduction to SQL, Relational Database Management, and Advanced Database Management Concepts. UCLAx: Please tell us about yourself and how you got to where you currently are in your career? Ray: I was born in […]

February 2018 Digital Tech Newsletter

Spotlight Database Management Certificate The Database Management Certificate is a 32-unit program designed for information technology professionals who would like to become involved in the development and support of database management systems. The Certificate provides training in creating and maintaining databases based on fundamentals of relational database, and Structured Query Language (SQL). Additionally, the certificate includes […]