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Data Science Courses

Our data science courses are designed to help you better understand the Big Data and uncover its potentials. Courses in this series will help you apply data science principles to investigate Big Data, to discover its patterns, to predict and to lead you to innovative insights. You will learn the best practices for data management, machine learning, statistical analysis, and data visualization. You will learn to use tools such as R programming for data analysis, Tableau for visualization, Hadoop, MapReduce, and NoSQL.

Asterisk “ * ” indicates currently offered courses.

X 450.1 Introduction to Data Science *FA
X 450.2 Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization *FA
X 450.3 Hadoop and Managing Big Data *FA
X 450.4 Machine Learning Using R *FA
X 450.5 Big Data Analytics and Information Management 
X 450.6 Data Governance 
X 450.7 Predictive Analytics 
Program Representative

Venise Crawford | (310) 825-0213 | crawford@unex.ucla.edu