Digital Technology

Courses and Instructors approved by UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science.

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Asterisk “ * ” indicates currently offered courses.


X 414.20 Fundamentals of Software Development *SU
X 414.65 Advanced Structured Query Language (SQL) Syntax *SU
X 418.102AB HTML and CSS *SU
X 418.104B Python Programming I *SU
X 418.104D iPhone and iPad Application Programming *SU
X 418.104F Google Android Development *SU
X 418.104G Intermediate Google Android Development *SU
X 418.113 Web Technology Fundamentals *SU
X 418.113A Introduction to Web Design Using WordPress and Joomla *SU
X 418.735B C++ Fundamentals for Visual Studio .NET  *SU
X 418.737G Data Structures and Design Patterns in C# *SU
X 418.738 C# Programming for Visual Studio: Platform III *SU
X 418.88B JavaScript *SU
X 419.39 Introduction to PHP with MySQL *SU
X 451.100 Cisco Networking I 
X 451.101 Cisco Networking II *SU
X 460.1 Architecting Cloud Solutions Using AWS *SU
X 450.5 Big Data Analytics and Information Management *SU
X 460.6 Data Governance *SU
X 460.7 Predictive Analytics *SU
X 418.85A Java Programming I *SU
X 420.2 Cybersecurity Risk Management
X 420.7 Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance *SU
X 420.8 Cybersecurity Lab (Offensive Tools) 
X 420.11 Foundation of Malware and Rootkits *SU