UCLA Extension

Message from the Director

Shahmirian_varazWelcome to the UCLA Extension Engineering Department. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive set of professional and continuing education courses in engineering and technical management to help you stay current with the industry trends and to maintain career growth. We offer a large selection of evening and weekend courses on and near the UCLA campus plus at several locations in Southern California. In addition, we provide a large number of courses and full certificates entirely online. Our instructors are industry experts with extensive technical backgrounds who bring their real-life experiences to the classroom. Furthermore, our courses provide great networking opportunities for you to meet with other professionals like yourself.

We also offer a wide range of engineering and technical leadership 2-5 days short courses on our campus, including our Technical Management Program which has provided leadership and management training to Technical and IT managers since 1955. For customized and convenient training, we can bring most of our programs to your domestic and international worksites.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our courses, certificates, and the Technical Management Program. With a wide variety of courses and programs, I am certain you will find a program that suits your needs.

Varaz Shahmirian, PhD
Director, Department of Engineering